So your girlfriend dumped you…  

You could see the weird look in her eyes you’ve probably seen a few times before, so you could literally tell what she was going to say before the words even left her mouth. Just that look turned your world upside down and the words that followed literally made you feel like your heart was breaking into a million pieces.

You’d give anything to understand the reason why she ended it but all the calling, texting and bugging her in the world just isn’t working, and you feel like you’ve been punched in the gut.

Maybe you always treated her well, bought her flowers and told her how amazing she is. You bowled her over with romantic gestures, but whatever you did, it never quite seemed like enough. You were attentive and always there when she needed you, only to find yourself alone with a broken heart and deeply confused.

Maybe you cheated on her, or she cheated on you. Knowing the reason for the breakup doesn’t make swallowing it any easier though does it? 

You’ve even tried to tug at her heartstrings and show her how much you’re suffering. Now you’re wondering: How could the girl that once Loved you with all her heart be so callous as to ignore you in your hour of need? How could she leave you in this state of pain?  

Emotional pain is literally the worst pain you could experience and encompasses a lot of physical pain too. It can also cause debilitating depression, but you know all of this, because you’re here looking for a solution – getting your ex back for good.

The fact is: Nothing you have tried has changed her mind.

I’m Mark, aka The Authentic Guy, and I was recently in the same situation that you now find yourself in. My girlfriend finished with me for reasons I couldn’t work out and I couldn’t accept it. I pleaded with her to reconsider. I let her know how broken I was and how much I Loved her, but Nothing I tried worked and worse, it only seemed to push her further away.  

I could have just given up at that point, but I had put a year of my life into this relationship and I knew, deep down that we were meant to be together. I needed to get to the bottom of Why she dumped me and How I could win her back and keep her by my side forever.

So I hit the book trail and trawled the internet for advice and guidance. I spent hundreds of pounds and countless hours/days/weeks of research, from lifestyle blogs and forums to psychology, mindfulness and relationship books.

To cut a long story short, I won back the heart of my girlfriend and we are still together to this day and happier than ever. This is just one life experience that inspired me to launch The Authentic Guy, blogging and writing eBooks, to share my hard earned research and new found understanding on one website. My brother and friends were amongst my first subscribers/readers and them coming to me with their worries and problems, helped shape the site to cover a variety of men’s health and lifestyle issues.  

As an antidote to the dizzying amounts of questionable (and expensive!) relationship advice that is out there on the internet, I’ve written (and I’m still writing) a series of eBooks full of the most useful information and advice I’ve learned and now use in my daily life. “How to Win Her Back For Good” is an easy to read round up of advice, tips, facts and practical steps to finding happiness in your relationship again.

The eBook has been a success not just for myself, but friends and Authentic Guy subscribers too. So much so that I am happy to offer a Money Back Guarantee should you not be entirely satisfied with the eBook.  

What you have been doing up until now to try and get your ex back, is use your logic and intuition. The problem is, when it comes to the psychology of dating and relationships, logic goes out of the window. The steps you will learn in this eBook are very powerful when it comes to re-attracting your ex, but most of them are completely counter-intuitive, so they don’t feel like a natural step to take. More often than not, doing The Complete Opposite of what you expect to work, is the thing that gets very quick and successful results. 

The eBook tells you how the traditional behaviour you’ve been using to woo girls (Including your ex), is actually having the Opposite effect – lowering your value and killing her attraction towards you.  

Scientific and psychological research shows that the theory of ‘scarcity’, will flip a switch in her mind making you more attractive to her. In fact, scarcity will have such an amazing effect, that you will find out she is actually Chasing You when you put this step in place! 

Scarcity will kill off the negative feelings and associations she currently has towards you and replaces them with feelings of Attraction. I know you’re sitting there right now, thinking what I am saying is Impossible, but It Really Works and it is backed up by psychology. There’s a full explanation of this principle in the eBook, which quotes studies by reputable psychologists. 

It’s one thing winning her back, but it’s another thing maintaining this attraction long term. This is where How to Win Her Back for Good” far outshines anything else out there on the internet. It tells you, in detail, how to make easy changes in your life, which will have dramatic effects, not only on winning your ex back, but also giving you more confidence, higher self-esteem and a sense of purpose. It will also show you:

  • How to transform yourself into the type of guy that women want
  • What you have been doing around girls that kills attraction and how to stop doing it for good  
  • How to tap into the primal part of her brain with your actions and to become the type of man her genetics interpret as the ideal man

Think back to how you initially attracted your ex, proving you are relationship material. Once you flip the attraction switch and become her ideal man again (you, version 2.0), she will be wondering why you broke up in the first place. 

She might be confused by her feelings at first, as she is unlikely to have experienced a guy treating her this way before. You’ll need to tap into her feelings and use the information provided in the eBook to win her back again. The eBook contains a complete relationship roadmap, giving you a simple and foolproof guide, telling you what to do at what point and even the actual words to say to rebuild your relationship. It covers all the common errors you can make and keeps you on the right track.

Of course, it would be completely useless guiding you through steps to help win your girl back if you can’t learn to keep your emotions in check. It’s highly likely that some kind of emotional instability caused the breakup in the first place. I get it; relationships are hard and it’s very easy to allow your emotions to control you, rather than the other way around. This eBook shows you proven ways to control your emotions and get through the tough days; it shows you how you can stop your emotional behaviour that pushes the self-sabotage button in relationships, so when you do win her back, she sticks around for good. 

As it is probably obvious from the name of my website, The Authentic Guy; the blogs and eBooks I write and share are for genuine use. My intention is to help guys become the best version of themselves. Please only use the information I’ve shared to win back the heart of a girl you truly care for and want to be with. If you are unscrupulous and just want to mess with a girl’s heart, or manipulate her and behave like a player, then this eBook is not for you.

How was the sex in your relationship? 

Even if you answer “Good” or “Great”, there’s always room for improvement! It’s hard to find a relationship that ticks all the boxes, especially mind blowing sex, so this free bonus eBook (usual price $99) will show you how to set the scene for an amazing sexual relationship and how to be the guy that guides her through the process and gives her Incredible Sex.

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Not only do you get an amazing amount of information to enable you to win your girlfriend back for good, but you also get a load of valuable information, which will enable you to live a happier, more fulfilled life. Simply click the Buy Now button with confidence and you can start reading my eBook today! After secure payment through PayPal (a 100% encrypted, fully secure payment gateway supporting all major debit and credit cards) a download link will be automatically sent to the email address you provide. Click on the link to open the eBook. The eBook is delivered in PDF format, so you will be able to save it and view it on any computer or mobile device.

I’m aware that I can’t 100% guarantee that you will win your ex back, but I am confident that you will find this eBook extremely valuable, even life-changing. If you are not happy with your purchase, then just email me for a 100% refund within 60 days.

You don’t need any previous knowledge or understanding of relationships, dating or psychology. All you need to do is read, chapter by chapter, each of the steps and act upon them.

In just weeks from now you could: 

  • Be more confident 
  • Have higher self-esteem
  • Be the best man you can be, maximising your potential
  • Challenge your ex’s view of you (and everyone else’s)
  • Lead a happier life (regardless of possessions, or who is in your life) 
  • Make your ex-realise she made the biggest mistake of her life leaving you
  • Make her chase you (the theory of ‘scarcity’ really does work!)
  • Flip the attraction switch in her mind, so she is excited to be with you again
  • Learn behaviours you need to avoid that are killing your Love life 
  • Make her fall in Love with you all over again
  • Learn ways to ‘Future proof’ your relationship
  • Enable yourself to be attractive to all women (should you not win your ex back) 

All by following the eBook step by step, where I show you: 

  • What to do 
  • When to do it 
  • What to say 
  • When to say it 
  • What not to do, or say
  • How to do the seemingly impossible 
  • How to radically change your approach to dating & relationships
  • How doing what she least expects gets surprisingly fast results
  • How to kill any negative feelings she has towards you 
  • How to flip the primal attraction switch in her 
  • How to tap into her preselection wiring to be seen as a long-term love match 
  • How to stop being ruled by your emotions 
  • How to build trust, security and connection into your relationship 
  • Show her how masculine you are 
  • And much, much more!  

All of this help and advice for less than you would spend on a date with a ‘new girl’ (who would likely just show you why you miss your ex anyway!) 

What if your worst fears have happened and she is already with another guy? Don’t worry, this eBook will explain the reasons why a rebound relationship is doomed to fail and tell you how you can still win her back for good.

$299.00 $69.00

Whatever happened to you and your ex, you have everything to gain by reading “How to Win Her Back For Good”. I hope you enjoy reading the eBooks and wish you the best of luck.

It’s great to hear from readers so don’t hesitate to share your feedback and success stories with me!