Setting the Scene for an Amazing Sexual Relationship

by: The Authentic Guy

In just a few weeks from now, you could be having amazing sex, on a regular basis, knowing full well that she thinks you’re incredible in the sack and a guy she wants to hang on to.  

Do you ever think it’s impossible to truly satisfy a woman in bed?

  • Are you in a relationship and constantly confused about why she never seems to want sex when you do, or as much as you do?
  • Do you ever wish the sex could be the same as it was when you first met?
  • Are you with a new partner and insecure about how good you are in bed, compared to the other guys she’s been with? 
  • Maybe the sex between you is “OK”, or even “pretty good” when it happens, but it doesn’t happen often enough to meet your needs? 
  • Do you want to be the best lover she’s ever been with? 
  • Do you want to feel more connected and intimate with her?
  • Do you struggle to get her in the mood?
  • When sex happens, do you often fail to bring her to orgasm, or come before she does? 
  • Do you ever second guess yourself when you’re giving her pleasure and wonder if she’s enjoying it?
  • Do you ever think to yourself: “Is she ever going to come?”
  • Do you worry about your size? 

If you answered Yes! to any of the above questions was Yes!, then you’re in the Majority.  

When we first get into relationships and everything is exciting, fresh and new, sex seems to just happen all the time, spontaneously, passionately and often several times a day (this doesn’t stop you second guessing yourself and wondering if you suck!). 

Then you wake up one day and think “What the hell happened!” As far as you’re concerned, you are no different than you were when you met and neither is she, but you’ve grown apart sexually and would give anything to be back where you were, being intimate with her again and enjoying each other’s bodies to the full. 

Women have a more complex range of hormones than us guys, which also contributes to different levels of emotion and arousal levels. What these complex hormones and emotions also do, is to often change context. For a woman to become aroused, she not only needs to be thinking of sex, but for it to be framed correctly and in the correct context

What most guys don’t truly realise, is that by far and away, a woman’s largest sexual organ is her brain. If you don’t stimulate her brain all the time, then you are not only drastically limiting how often she will want to be sexual, but also limiting how powerful her arousal level and the possibility of her even reaching orgasm when you do become sexual. 

It’s no good to turn on the affection, or do ‘nice’ things for her when you want sex, as she will see right through it and be even more turned off, annoyed and feeling unappreciated than she was before, resulting in her hitting the brakes on yet another sexual experience. 

Maybe you even become impatient and annoyed at times, when she turns down your advances; you have needs too after all. The trouble is, getting impatient or annoyed only seems to make things worse, as she becomes even more Ice Cold to your advances. Maybe you always treat her well, buy her flowers and tell her how amazing she is. You bowl her over with romantic gestures, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.  

Hi. I’m Mark; aka: The Authentic Guy. I’ve been in long relationships where all of these things have happened and, let me tell you, I was Miserable. In fact, it took a marriage breakup, another couple of failed relationships and plenty of time out alone, to push me into working out why these things happen and how to change them. I have put in literally years of research into sexuality, psychology and the process of seduction, transforming my life in the process.  

Setting The Scene for an Amazing Sexual Relationship is the result of all this research; I transformed my life and would like to help you to transform yours too. What I discovered when I began to do a lot of reading, is that women want sex just as much as us guys do, but need the context to be just right. 

More than this though, if the actual sex is bad, or just mediocre, then she will crave it less and less, meaning she will be less turned on even when it does happen, as she will be expecting it to not fully meet her needs and will have built a defensive wall to stop herself feeling hurt, as she will find it difficult to feel truly close to you. 

How can you find out, in detail, what you are doing wrong and learn how to make some easy changes to have her craving more sex with you?  

Keep reading to find out how my book can help you turn your sex life around. Better still all the eBooks I offer come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee – If you are not happy with your purchase just email me within 60 days for a full refund. 

Maybe a search engine brought you here? It’s easy to be confused by the search results you find when it comes to sex and take advice from any number of sources, some of which even have a glitzy “Presentation video” (That miraculously disappears once you have spent your money, so you can’t dispute the wild claims made in the video!) and a bunch of other marketing spiel that sounds so amazing, that it gets your adrenaline pumping and your finger hovering over the Buy Now button. The only problem is, I’ve checked out quite a few of these “programs” for research purposes and, quite honestly, the products never live up to the marketing spiel. 

What I wanted to do, is to make a program that, not only sounds great here, but looks Even Better once you have it in your email inbox. A product that truly delivers. A product I am so confident about, that I am prepared to stand behind it and offer a 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.  

You see, there is So Much information on the web about “Giving her Amazing Sex”, that it can make you actually feel dizzy. So much of it is mis-information too, so you may confidently follow it, only to wind up being sexless, or feeling like a Failure in bed.  

Some of this information is So Bad, that it actually makes me cry “No!” when I read it. It’s the kind of contrived, cheesy stuff that she will see right through and think you’re a total Douchebag. They use phrases like: “So you can Bang her”, or “Closing her”, showing guys how to be completely disrespectful to women and use them purely for their own gratification. 

These other products all focus on the mechanics of sex, as if that’s the only thing that matters. They also try to make you believe that every woman is the same when it comes to sex. They tell you: “Do A and B Will happen”, which, to be honest, is complete Bull. 

Every woman is slightly anatomically different and is also different mentally, due to differences in parenting, societal influences and past experiences, so will respond differently to sex than another woman. 

The Authentic Guy way is to explain these differences and show you how to naturally use context to increase her desire, opening her up sexually and making her trust you, respect you and Want to have sex with you more. 

We show you in a detailed way how to do this and more, before we even get to showing you some amazing tricks and tips to make her more orgasmic every time you are together sexually.

Many people mistakenly think that women want sex less than men do, but believe me when I say that all women have sexual desires too and crave the feelings of intense sexual attraction, they just need the context to be correct more than men, who are in general pretty simplistic when it comes to sexual desire.

You initially attracted your partner and got her into a relationship with you, so once you have re-ignited her desire, she may be wondering what happened to make her deeply attracted to you once more. She will likely be confused by the strong feelings she has, but will nevertheless feel happy and fulfilled.  

Our program contains a Complete Roadmap, giving you a simple and foolproof guide, telling you what to do at what point and in some cases even the actual words you need to say. It covers all the common errors you can make and guides you on an alternative path. 

Which guys do I Not want to benefit from this information? 

I need to issue a Warning at this point: If you are unscrupulous and just want to mess with a girl’s heart, or manipulate her and become a player, then please click the Back Button on your browser and go elsewhere. 

This program is for guys who want to be the best version of themselves and want to be with a woman for all the right reasons. Monogamy is the only way to develop a truly deep bond with a woman and for you both to reap immense rewards and this must be the goal. If you are not quite there with monogamy yet, but are sleeping with women, then making her needs as valuable as your own, being respectful and not causing hurt is the goal. 

Women tend not to walk away from the Amazing Connection that comes from Incredible Sex, so follow the steps in my guide and you can be sure that she won’t even think about cheating, or ever ending the relationship.

So now you’re intrigued; you’re wondering what my program actually contains. Well here’s a brief rundown of what you’ll receive:

In Chapter 1:

You’ll learn that her biggest sexual organ is her Brain. You will learn about the mistakes that 99% of guys make when it comes to their approach, and you will learn how to do things on a daily basis to give her the best chance of being in the mood for incredible sex. 

You will learn that, at a basic level, trust and respect is everything when it comes to her feeling sexually attracted to you and we will explain how you can build first trust, then respect.

In Chapter 2:

We show you how to lead in your interactions with her and show her that you are an alpha male. This is not about control, but about showing her leadership, patience and integrity, as well as not being ashamed or embarrassed about your sexual intentions. We show you how to use eye contact to show her that you are different from most other guys out there. 

In the second part of this chapter, we explain exactly why one night stands are a terrible basis on which to start a relationship and how, keeping it in your pants initially is a powerful trick, which will work wonders for the future of a relationship. 

In Chapter 3:

We introduce the concept of mental foreplay and how you can use different contexts to build her sexual attraction. Ignore this at your peril: Being overtly sexual in the wrong context can act as a massive turn off, which may even kill her attraction towards you for good. 

We also show you ways in which your daily actions can spike her attraction towards you and reduce the things that might put on her brakes when it comes to sex, whilst increasing the behaviours that will push her accelerator. 

We continue on from this, by moving on towards actual foreplay, explaining how to kiss her in amazing ways that will turn her on, without ever moving too fast. Did you know that many women will make a decision based upon the kiss, as to whether they will have sex with a guy? Read this chapter and you will never fall foul of this again. We will explain that amazing kissing can be an end goal in itself, and how to use your hands to make things more intense. 

In Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 shows you how to go against your intuition, in order to build anticipation and make the sex explosive between you when it eventually does happen. Most guys are “push push push” when it comes to sex, which makes her feel like you are a beta male and that she is the ultimate prize. 

By completely re-framing things, so that she feels that you are the prize, she will see that you are different, an alpha male, and this will spike her attraction towards you and promote positive emotions toward you. She will feel like she has to win you, which will challenge her and make her feel more excited about you than most other guys. You will be leveraging the scarcity principle; when something is hard to get, it is scientifically proven that we want it more. 

In Chapter 5:

We explore the concept of dominance in the bedroom and how no woman wants to feel like she is leading the bedroom interactions. She wants you to be the guy of her fantasies and to feel like she is caught up in a fairytale. She wants to feel like it is OK to be really sexual and have a varied sex life, but if she feels she has to ask for it, then it will most likely never happen, for fear that you will think she is easy. Society pressures have made it hard for women to be openly sexual, without repercussions and fear of gaining a bad reputation. 

You can’t do much about societal pressures, but you can be dominant and clearly lead in the bedroom, (whilst being respectful and without ever making her feel like she has to do anything she doesn’t want to do), opening up her world sexually and allowing her to relax into it with your leadership. In today’s society, many women have dominant career roles, but deep down, most women want to be submissive in a relationship. You need to be the alpha guy who makes it possible for her fantasies to come to life. 

In Chapter 6:

Chapter 6 is all about techniques and is by far the largest chapter. As much as most guys would probably jump straight to this chapter and improve their sexual prowess, this would be a mistake. All the best techniques in the world, are only going to work as they should, if you prime her mind first. Use the first five chapters to get you into a different mindset, allowing you to approach her in a way that will push her sexual accelerator and take off the brakes, so that getting into the bedroom is a foregone conclusion

Once you are in the bedroom, it’s time to use your superior knowledge to give her an amazing experience. We learn that full sex doesn’t always have to be the goal and how you should always aim to give her orgasms before you get to that stage. 

We begin with a section on breast play and nipple orgasm, before taking you through probably the most detailed thing you will ever read about performing oral sex on her; most guys approach this wrong, are goal oriented and actually make things harder for themselves. We show you how to take your foot off the accelerator and build up tension and anticipation, leading to powerful orgasms. There are so many technique variations that will give her a different kind of orgasm every time, that you won’t be able to wait to try them out. 

We show you the best position to adopt, telling you why the other positions are approaching things wrong and less likely to result in her orgasm. We tell you exactly what to do at what point in the proceedings; exactly how to use your tongue, lips, mouth and hands and when to use them. We cover the mistakes most guys make when it comes to speed, pressure, rhythm and intensity. We cover all the common myths about cunnilingus and debunk them

Once you’ve given her one orgasm through oral sex, she will be expecting that her fun is over and it’s your turn. We show you the methods to employ to transition to multiple orgasms, and extended orgasms.

Finally for chapter 6, we take you through the 4 sex positions that will most likely lead to her orgasm. Some of these are surprising, in as much as they speed her up, whilst slowing you down. We show you techniques to use, in order to make her come first. In the bedroom at least, good guys finish last. By all means vary things up (and you should), having sex in several different positions in each session, but be mindful of ending up in one of these four positions when it comes to the goal of giving her an orgasm. 

Not only will you receive all of the above (Normal price $199), but this is backed by our 100% 60 day money back guarantee! That’s right, if you aren’t completely satisfied after 60 days, just email us for a no questions asked refund.

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If you are not happy For Any Reason, then just email us at for a refund within 60 days and we will happily Refund 100% of your money. Furthermore, you are doubly protected by PayPal, who we use to handle the payments. Paypal is a 100% encypted secure payment gateway. You don’t need a PayPal account to use this facility – you can pay securely with any major credit or debit card. 

In just weeks from now you could: 

  • Make her want sex as much as you do 
  • Eliminate insecurity in the bedroom and know you are incredible in bed 
  • Make her approach you for sex 
  • Make sex much better than it was when you first met (if in a long relationship)
  • Remove her ‘Brakes’ and push her ‘Accelerator’, so that sex is always a possibility
  • Know that you will have no problem bringing her to amazing orgasms
  • Be the best lover she’s ever had
  • Feel more connected and intimate with her than you ever have before
  • Learn how to build tension and anticipation, so her orgasms don’t take as long to happen.
  • Make her have multiple orgasms
  • Make her have nipple orgasms 

All by following my Step By Step Plan, where I show you:

  • What to do
  • When to do it
  • What to say
  • When to say it
  • What not to do, or say
  • How to radically change your approach
  • How to flip the primal attraction switch in her with your actions
  • How to tap into her preselection wiring to be seen as a long term love match
  • How to build trust, security and connection into your relationship
  • Show her how masculine you are
  • And much, much more! 

Get All Of This for less than you would spend on a date!  

Whatever has happened up until now in your relationship, you have Everything to gain and nothing to lose by following our plan, so Act Now and get it while it’s still at this Low Price on a Completely Risk Free Offer for $49.

Just a few weeks from now, you could still be having little or no sex, be insecure about your size, or how good you are in bed, or wondering why she never wants to have sex with you any more, when things used to be great. Or, you could be having amazing, regular sex, knowing full well that she thinks you’re incredible in the sack and a guy who she wants to hang on to Forever. It’s your choice, and it’s 100% Risk Free.

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